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Age is just a number…

“Age is a fact of life, looking like it is not”
– Dr Howard Murad

Digital Skin Analysis

A Digital Skin analysis is an in-depth skin diagnostic tool, which paired with a detailed client consultation helps us look at all the variables in your skin that contribute to overall ageing. After taking a series of images, the highly detailedsystem analyses each skin category – spots, wrinkles, pores, orphyrins
(bacteria), evenness and UV spots / Sun Damage.

This way we can focus your treatment on the area of concern. This information gives you an accurate gauge of the health of your skin, which is interpreted by those around you as a reflection of your health and vitality.

Body Composition Scanner & Analyzer

Body Composition Analyzer is designed to calculate regional body composition, empowering healthcare professionals to better determine health risk associated with visceral and abdominal fat. This model is based on the latest statistics method, which analyses human body composition including fat, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), none fat and other health indicators through multi-frequency bio-electrical impedance analysis method, also called MFBIA. It calculates by the built-in high performance computer, and gives out instruction upon the analysis result for testers’ reference as plans to lose weight.

Medical Weight Loss Programme

The ingredients or components include supplements, protein shake meal replacements, injections and low-calorie meals. This method involves visits, reducing your daily calorie intake, internal cleansing, and giving yourself injection shots.

You are weighed and measured once or twice each month. You are also expected to follow a meal plan that is designed specifically for you.

RF Radio-Frequency Smooth Cellulite Shape Treatment

This Radiofrequency energy treatments its used to effectively contour the body shape and reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat.

By using RF energy to heat up deposits of fat under the skin , the tissues are also tightened and blood circulation is increased which in time helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Ultrasound Stubborn Fat Removal

The Ultrasound Stubborn Fat Reduction machine uses high-frequency sound waves to disrupt the fat cell walls, which causes the fat cells to “leak” their contents into the fluid spaces of your body. From there, your lymph system picks up this waste material (the loose fat) and begins circulating it through your body until it can be processed by the liver and eliminated with sweat, urine and faeces.

The results are visibly noticeable; however, the entire process can take several weeks, and you will continue to experience results during this time. 6 – 8 sessions are recommended.

Nimue Skin Technology

“Nimue is not a product, it is a calling…” Nimue was originally created in 1994 by a leaking South African plastic surgeon whose unique treatment concept unlocked a breakthrough in skincare. His Concept was developed by a team of cosmetic scientists into a range active treatments initially produced for the medical market.

They found that dermal improvement before operations ensured dramatically improved healing and long-term results post-operatively. The documented success in pre-and post-operative dermal procedures resulted in the establishment of the Nimue Derma-Cosmeceutical Skin Treatment Range.

RegimA Skin Care – Products That Changes Lives

RégimA is a unique, advanced, medically accepted, results driven, anti-ageing, skin rejuvenating range manufactured exclusively for the use of doctors and skin care professionals.
Multiple award winning, RégimA’s status is cemented as a skin care leader in the world market. Ensuring actives are used at maximum efficacy, RégimA is a cosmeceutical focusing not only on AESTHETICS but SKIN HEALTH

BioDermal Skin Tech

BioDermal Skin Tech combines natural actives and progressive technology to produce products with powerful corrective and preventative properties. BioDermal’s range of face cleansers, exfoliators, treatment masks, boosters, serums, moisturisers, supplements and body formulas offer a solution to almost every skin care concern.

MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline)
Lipotropic Injections

These are a combination of ingredients administered by needle injection to increase fat metabolism and boost wellness, used by people looking to lose weight. Lipotropic compounds are a combination of ingredients that help improve the breakdown of fat in the liver to improve weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and elimination of fat.

Microneedling Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling sets a new standard and benchmark that delivers the ultimate in advanced and innovative microneedling with confidence, service and outstanding patient results.



Treatments designed to create a safe healing response within the body to ignite natural collagen and elastin production from within the skin, without harsh side effects and downtime, along with repairing the surface layers to result in healthier skin; looking brighter, tighter, more even toned, refined pores and reduced wrinkles.


Microneedling is the only microneedling device with a dedicated scar setting and protocols for revision of deep, atrophic scars; including surgical, burn contracture, striae and post-acne scars. Needle penetration can now be increased up to 3.0mm, automatically calibrates the motor speed, pressure and penetration for targeted precision. No dragging. No pulling of the skin.

Pigmentation/ Marks/ Blemishes Treatment

Unlike some Laser treatments, Microneedling removes the risk of heat injury and hypopigmentation risks, whilst promoting optimised cell function. This makes it a suitable procedure for any patient affected by melasma and with a predisposition to hyperpigmentation. Treatment is also suitable on all Fitzpatrick Skin Types and ethnicities.

Glutathione Brightening IV Drips

Glutathione is an antioxidant naturally found in human cells that neutralizes free radicals, boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body. It can also cause skin lightening by converting melanin to a lighter colour and deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps produce the pigment. Intravenous glutathione treatments are meant to increase those natural effects, diminishing scars and blotches while lightening skin colour over all faster than physical treatments. And the amazing thing is that it works your overall skin from top to toe.

Botulinum Toxin Treatment (Botox)

BOTOX is a prescription medicine that is injected into the facial muscles to reduce and smooth out frown lines and wrinkles. It works by preventing the muscles from contracting, hence diminishing undesirable facial wrinkles. BOTOX is also used for improving the facial contour such as relaxing the muscles of the jaw and giving the face a natural V-shape jawline

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable substances designed to:

  • erase wrinkles
  • augment lips
  • to enhance volume
  • to restore the youthful 3-dimensional contour of the face.

Stretch Marks

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive treatment to promote stretch marks reduction. A device with fine needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. Results can include improved texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in appearance of stretch marks. Sessions typically takes 1 hour or less and 3 or more sessions are required for maximal results. Skin anaesthetic is used to reduce the discomfort.


the most beautiful and revolutionary thing about hydro-microdermabrasion is the hydro. This is watercooled technology. So no discomfort during the treatment, and seriously hydrated skin afterwards. Feel and see instant skin difference. Leave the spa with skin that is strikingly smoother, more hydrated, and with the appearance of fine lines noticeable diminished.

What types of dermal fillers are there?

Dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acids ,calcium hydroxy-appatite fillers , human fat, bovine or porcine collagen and synthetic substances.
Hyaluronic acid fillers: The hyaluronic acid fillers are sterile, clear, dermal iller gels made of chemically modified hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the fluids surrounding cells and tissues. Hyaluronic acid is found in the human body in the skin, cartilage, joints and the eye. In skin tissue, hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen and elastin fibers.

The role of hyaluronic acid in skin is to deliver nutrients, hydrate the skin by holding in water and to act as a cushioning agent. Hyaluronic acid is hygroscopic which means that it draws water very strongly to it, yielding a larger volume effect than the material would have by itself. Made from highly purified natural hyaluronic acid, the gel is gradually absorbed by your body through natural mechanisms.
Calcium hydroxy-appatite fillers are microspheres of smooth particles of calcium that, after injection, also form a scaffold that is slowly filled with human collagen.
Newer generation fillers containing porcine collagen and poly-L-lactic acid can be used for the same indications such as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with the exception of lip augmentation where hyaluronic acid is the preferred filler.

What areas do the dermal fillers treat?

The typical areas treated are:

  • the nasolabial folds (lines from the end of the nose to the end of the lips)
  • perioral area (wrinkles around the lips)
  • wrinkles of the cheeks
  • marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth to the jawline,
  • accentuating the downturn of the mouth)
  • lip augmentation which provides definition to lips which have become thin and wrinkled
  • volume replacement for “tear-trough deformity” (hollow under-eye circles), hollow cheeks, cheek-lift, brow-lift
  • resculpting and strengthening the jaw line by lessening the effect of jowls and sagging.
Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers have been proven safe if administered by trained medical professionals. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are produced by human genes inserted into a bacterium for reproduction. Hyaluronic acid is a highly “conserved” protein, meaning that its genetic composition is almost exactly the same in 97% of animal species. This gives is an extremely low incidence of allergic reactions, hence there is no need for pre-treatment skin testing. There is little risk of a foreign-body reaction with hyaluronic acid fillers and they are completely reversible with time.

FDA approval hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm have been used in millions of patients for more than 10 years with a very low incidence of side effects and thus are considered very safe.
Newer generation fillers containing porcine collagen, calcium hydroxy-appatite and poly-L-lactic acid can be used for the same indications such as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers except for lip augmentation where hyaluronic acid is the preferred filler. These newer generation fillers are very injector dependent and can cause lumpiness if improperly injected by inexperienced injectors.

How Can IV Therapy brighten My Skin?

The colour in our skin occurs from the production of melanin and greater melanin production means darker skin. The antioxidants used in our Skin Brightening IV Drip inhibits the production of melanin. On top of this, they also speed up cell turnover, replacing the damaged cells – that give a dark appearance to the skin – with new cells.

Can dermal fillers be combined with other treatments?

Dermal fillers are commonly performed at the same visit as Botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin helps with the upper one-third of the face whereas injectable fillers generally help with the lower two-thirds. The combination is one of the most widely used and most effective methods of achieving a significant aesthetic improvement within 1-2 weeks’ time.

What To expect after a dermal filler treatment?

There is mild redness and swelling after the procedure which rapidly subsides. Try to avoid aspirin containing products or high-dosage vitamin E supplements for 10 days prior to the procedure to avoid bruising which may occur especially after treatments of the lips and cheeks.
You may put makeup on immediately and resume whatever activities you have planned, if you appreciate that you may have bruising which may last for up to a ten day after the procedure.

Can all skin types be safely treated with dermal fillers?

Yes, all skin types can be safely treated with dermal fillers

Intravenous Therapy for Stubborn Pigmentation,Skin Brightening,Skin Tightening,Acne Laser Skin Treatment, Energy Boost and Overall Rejuvenation

What Does Skin Brightening Treatment Entail?

The duration of your Skin Brightening programme depends on your skin tone. If you have a medium brown skin complexion, then we would expect up to 2 – 4 months of weekly Skin Brightening intravenous drips. If you have a dark brown skin complexion then we would expect up to 6 months of weekly Skin Brightening drips. You need to be aware that the result is patient-dependent. This will be discussed in full at your consultation. We recommend one in clinic drip a week.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Skin Brightening Treatment?

Our Skin Brightening IV Drip contains antioxidants that are naturally found in the body, and you can increase your levels of these by consuming certain foods such as garlic, onions, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, so the side-effects you could receive from intravenous therapy are highly unlikely. There may be bruising where the drip has been inserted but this will fade and is usually minimal.

All treatments at Skin and Slimming Aesthetic Clinic are carried out by a Medical Doctor and your Skin Brightening treatment programme will be carefully monitored, both to oversee progression and to ensure your safety and well-being. The exact dosage administered will vary from patient to patient and will be individually tailored to your needs after a thorough discussion of the results you’re hoping to achieve.

What Results Can I Expect from My Skin Brightening IV Treatment?

Results are very patient-dependent, so it is not possible for us to guarantee a specific outcome. However, during your consultation with Dr Malebo Maponyane or Somatologist Kena Mukala, they will assess your suitability and be able to offer an estimation of what results you could expect and the possible duration of your Skin Brightening programme. We are already receiving highly satisfactory feedback from patients that are committed to their prescribed treatment programmes.

Will My Skin Lightening Results Be Permanent?

Results are not permanent so once you have attained the skin tone you’re hoping to achieve you will be a prescribed a bespoke maintenance programme to follow. In terms of maintaining your results, it can help to avoid the factors that increase antioxidant levels in the skin. This means avoiding smoking, poor diet and misuse of alcohol, stress, bad sleep patterns and environmental toxins. Obviously avoiding excessive sun exposure is also a must.

What other benefits does the brightening drip have?

Whether you are generally healthy but in need of a boost, either to your immune system or energy levels, or you are searching for complementary therapy, then the Myers Cocktail (Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin BCom, Magnesium) is added on with the glutathione drip. The original IV therapy, it combines valuable nutrients and vitamins in concentrations higher than it is possible to take orally, with Skin and Body Slimming Clinic patients reporting an all-over rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit.

Vitamins in Myers Cocktail IV work as natural antihistamines and are key to a healthy immune system. Patients have also found great value in the Myers Cocktail for enhancing athletic performance.
For over thirty years, the Myers Cocktail has been used as a complementary therapy by those undergoing treatment for a wide range of health concerns, as well as those keen to address any nutritional deficiencies that could undermine their general health and well-being.

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