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Somatologist, Aesthetic Therapist

Kena Mukala, a happily married mother of 4 children, is the founder of Skin and Slimming Aesthetic Clinic – Sandton has over 10 years as an experienced aesthetic practitioner with a wide spectrum of skin and body therapies. She is a qualified Somatologist from the University of Johannesburg and has advanced her formal education around South Africa. She has worked as sliming practitioner, aesthetic therapist for Skin and Body Renewal, 8th Sense aesthetic Religion, as well as Sandton Aesthetic Institute.

In addition, she is passionate about body contouring and slimming techniques for men and women. Kena has a rich background of anatomy and physiology together with nutrition to support a holistic result. She has tested and proven various medical equipment’s over 10 years those which play a big role in achieving desirable results.

Kena is constantly posed at the forefront of the ground-breaking study and practice in the care of the most prominent organ of the body – the skin. Cellulite treatment results is crucial in any given severity and Kena has worked across the board with Velasmooth, Velashape I, II, and the latest which is III. Kena has also explored Endormologie which is the second largest esteemed equipment after Velashape.
Kena together with her team are accredited and certified to work with the following technologies:

Syneron Velashape Cellulite and Body Contouring, Micro needling, HCG Weight loss programme, Nimue Skincare Technology, And many other reputable skin care treatments, slimming and body contouring techniques.

The Skin and Slimming Aesthetic Clinic is the undisputed practice of Distinction. We are proud to persevere with a very distinctive and medically managed skin care, weight loss and body contouring programs that has been tried and put to the test for centuries now.

Dr Malebo Maponyane – Medical Aesthetics Specialist

Dr. Malebo Maponyane is a medical doctor with 20 years’ experience and registered
with HPCSA (MP No: 0504254) as an independent medical practitioner. She worked in the private NGO sector as a public health specialist, also providing technical
support to Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF) as a private-public health consultant.

She has been in private practice for over 10 years, (PR No: 0049484). She has had special interest in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine and has acquired her training since 2003 through Genop Healthcare and other institutions specializing in aesthetics and integrative medicine, and completed her Advance Diploma in Aesthetics Medicine in 2016. She is a member of American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine (AAAM No: 4658).

She is also a founding member and Secretary General for the Medical Women Association of South Africa (MWASA). In her practice she aims to improve her clients’ lives and live span by integrating General Medicine with Integrative Medicine, as well as Aesthetics Medicine. She is passionate about seeing her clients having extended healthy lives and aging gracefully

Sithuthukile Dladla (Front office manager)

She is our Senior Medical Aesthetic Practitioner. SA Academy of Skin&Healthcare Alumna. She has an ITEC International Diploma in Skin & Health Care Therapy. Furthered her Studies at the North West University to obtain qualifications in Marketing Management, and in Leadership & Diversity Managent.

With over 8 years industry experience working with one of Africa’s most recognized Doctor. Her extensive background in Anatomy & Physiology has groomed her to become a skin enthusiast. With her amazing skin she shows that indeed she practices what she preaches.

Her passion lies in Redermalization, Microneedling and Skin Peels. Call her “The Glow Specialist”- for healthy, even & radiant skin Sithu is definitely the right person to consult.

Kobela Mokgopo (Therapist)

She is a qualified Somatologist from the University of Johannesburg and extremely experienced in Facial Aesthetics , Health & Skin Care Therapy.
We call her Magic touch. She has worked in the aesthetic industry for over 4 years for leading Aesthetic clinics around the country with major brands.

She has a passion for chemical peels, body treatments such as body shaping for cellulite and ultrasound for fat reduction and skin tightening.

She believes successful weight loss takes programming and willpower, strive for progress and perfection.

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